You're Invited.

to an exclusive playground where the central point of your breakthrough year is you.

You are the Answer. 

You are the sacred medicine, the answer you’ve been seeking.

Your greatest wealth is in your contentment. Happy right now without conditions. A depth of inner silence that goes beyond. How deeply you love is your emotional measure. Inner peace is your victory.



The POWER Mastermind is an exclusive incubator for the activator who is; tired by their success, seeking to break through after a challenging time, to hatch new business strategies or business, to make a greater impact, and bridge the gap between achievement and fulfillment success.

You will be invited to be bold, to be courageous and step out of your comfort zone, and to experience a new seeing and a new way of being as you invest time focused on your most valuable asset, YOU, with me.

Ultimately you are here because there is something you are seeking, and a part of you that is aching to stop, breathe, break out of the old, and magic up the new.

Far more than coaching, this is a specialized program that not only bridges the gap between achievement and fulfillment success, it's the culmination of the best in applied Neuro Development Research, Health Span Technology, and the ancient Science of Ayurveda for increased health and longevity.

Catalyzing a power within that surpasses all understanding.

It's not for the faint-hearted, it's for those that are ready to find answers to questions that don't currently exist, to be stretched, to go deeper, to live a life fulfilled, to be a living legacy.

Take Action!

Inexorable Focus

In the certainty of your decision lives extraordinary expansion there is nothing to do, only to be.

A New Mindset

The true essence of you is born out of listening to the space in between, your higher mind, and intuition.

Make An Impact

The power of fierce self-love sees a shift in the subtle, creating ginormous ripples of impact. It just is!


This is an invitation to activate a POWER that surpasses all understanding!

Let's Connect

How We Work Together.

This is an exclusive playground for 10 Entrepreneurs a year.

I partner with you in a yearlong, life-changing adventure. (that is renewable).

We intuitively design the perfect program for you.


We connect 1:1 each week at a set day and time to dig deep and explore whatever arises. This is an intuitive process, not a calculated game plan. Your life experience informs your next move and as one client, a Bank Director said 'This is the most important meeting in my diary.' 


The value of your peers is priceless, once a month we meet together online. The power of the group brings new insight, perspective, innovation, strategy, and support. Leveraging experience, wisdom, and personas to support you to achieve the ultimate fulfillment success.


We meet in person twice a year, on Safari, at an exclusive location, or Tarangau Retreat. Experience shows these intensives accelerate incredible results, unbelievable even. The experience informs you in a way that cannot be achieved in your life at home.


Our digital Meditation and Breathwork Series gifts you the resources to move through limitations, calm, relax, and build coherence between your IQ, EQ, and LQ (Love Intelligence), powering up your intuitive edge. Meditation is not an option, it's essential! 


Achieve even better brain performance, leverage innovation and creativity, build an eco-system of total focus, employ alternative ways of thinking about a problem to see solutions where they did not previously exist, POWER includes 5 days of Neurodevelopment Training in Seattle. 


Health Span is our priority, living healthier, longer. You may say, 'You don't have time' I say 'You don't have time not to.' We partner with Ayushakti Ayurved for a total reset from the inside out, with the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda. POWER includes 14 days of detox in Goa India.

Corporate Board Consultancy

Bringing superior leadership to the boardroom

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The Accelerator Intensive

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ANTHONY  |  Entrepreneur Sydney Australia

I have had the privilege of working with Michelle Richmond since 2012.
We met by chance and I was intrigued by her philosophy immediately.   I was initially challenged by the very personal focus of our work, but soon grew to trust the process and have continued to work on many aspects of my life since then.  
The breadth of our engagement has ranged from strategic to tactical, from business to personal.  
Over that time, the level of interaction has varied from personal challenges such as relationship management, intense assistance with targeted weight loss strategies, and goal setting for a more balanced life.  
In business, Michelle assisted to evolve strategies on high profile start-up ventures, achieving great outcomes with difficult partners and identifying and executing on opportunistic business acquisitions.  
Being able to work so closely across the broad spectrum of challenges that face a C-suite executive, puts Michelle in rarefied space.  Michelle works tirelessly to ensure goals are achieved – many times by executing smaller tasks that contribute to the overall goal.  
In my professional life, I have worked with good corporate coaches and good personal development consultants.  Since 2012, I have only worked with Michelle as her insights, strategies, and understanding have helped me to grow and evolve into the person I wanted to be in 2012."

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