"It's Outright Incredible"


After a recent trip across the US, I spontaneously decided to drop in to see a client in Paris for 3 days.

We sipped coffee on the sidewalk cafes, walked 17kms site seeing, and spent a day relaxing in the park chatting and diving deep into all aspects of life personal and business.

The following week I received this message:


 It’s outright incredible how well things are going…the China/Japan meetings went phenomenally well!

 And we just had the most supportive feedback we could possibly think of from the US!

At the end of the call, the head of the division congratulated us on the dossier and said she was looking forward to building a partnership with us!


Fast forward 2 months later …

At the time of our meetup, this Lausanne company was stuck, and heading towards the rocks.

The board had decided that the Founder, and CEO should step aside, and the search was on for his replacement.

When we explored the situation, we realised that the CEO was not the problem, and a strategy was put in place which showed immediate results.

Within 2 weeks a meeting with a potential investor with a bankroll of $900 million, had taken place and talks continued about his potential investment.

2 months later the following message came through.

‘We can also follow up on the Lausanne company where every twist and turn is outright amazing.’

If you’d like to visit Tarangau Retreat, go on Safari, or go for a walk in a city of your choice, and then, be writing a letter reflecting back on this level of transformation one month later, let's connect.

I await your invitation. Let's explore your acceleration together.