Success Stories.

I had the great pleasure of working solidly with Michelle for 12 months. I won’t say it was easy, but I can honestly say that I have never EVER valued an experience more highly in my life – transformational in every sense of the word.

I have also never been more proud of an investment. I’ve spent a considerable amount on experiences, adventures, professional development and other ventures throughout the course of my life – some more rewarding than others. But none have been even 10% as rewarding or exhilarating as working with Michelle. Michelle’s program literally transformed me into the best and most positive version of myself. Knowing how great it feels and how empowering it is to discover my true self at this stage in my life, there is no amount I wouldn’t have paid for that privilege. When I think back to who I was in 2015, I can hardly recognise myself. My approach to life, my emotional reactions and responses to the world around me, and my perceptions of myself and others, have changed so considerably that there is literally not a day goes by that I don’t think to myself “Thank you Michelle!”. I now attract so much love, beauty, prosperity and opportunity into my life that there is no space for anything else. Where previously things would have thrown me or upset me, I am now able to objectively reframe them and to appreciate them for the learnings or the opportunities they present.

We train our bodies, we train our minds; we feed our bodies, we feed our minds… How often do we actively train our emotions and beliefs, or truly feed our souls. This is where the power lies. Michelle will shift you from a life based on fear, to a life lived with love. And there is nothing more phenomenal than that transformation. Nothing. I love you Michelle. Thank you. Xx

Kate Bennett

There are times in life when the right person enters with the answers to the challenges you’re doing your best to overcome, and not succeeding particularly well. Having been plunged into deep grief and the loss of the life I had known, my personal and business life was heading downward when I was introduced to Michelle.

From that first meeting, I knew I was in wise, caring, and safe hands. Her empathy is off the scale, her knowledge is wide-ranging, and she can adapt to both life and business issues because we need each to support the other. Working with Michelle has opened my eyes and guided me to be what I’m capable of being – my best self. Game-changer, most definitely; inspiring, absolutely; life-changing, indeed!

 Chrissy Crust

As a person who spent the majority of their life being overly self-critical and completely overthinking every aspect of life to the point where my thoughts become a burden, taking time to be present with myself was the last thing I ever wanted to do and the thought of working with these “life/wellness coach” type of people who want to see you meditating on top of a mountain whilst holding a yoga pose had me calling bullshit.

Unfortunately also not addressing the issues at hand with my mental psyche and internal dialogue had me facing a crisis of identity, massive amounts of anxiety, and was clinically diagnosed with depression at a stage of my life. If it wasn’t for finding Michelle and her beautiful approach to self-exploration I would not be the person I am today and I probably would not have survived. Her beautiful manner of coaching and adapting to the person in front of her meant I was finally able to take on board smart ideas to arm myself with the tools to succeed in life and create the life I wanted to live AND live in.

For me, she was able to take the stigma and marketing of “personal development “ and “wellness coaching” that usually has me running for the hills and give me tools that allow me adaptability throughout my life to take on anything and now self-coach any situation I may face. Far from a motivational guru looking to scream in your face (something I also loathe) her piercing blue eyes and soft nature will allow you to feel comfort to start repairing and rebuilding your life with a subtle ease and without all the bull shit. Even with a stubborn hard ass such as myself =)

 Daniel Bardallo

I bumped into Michelle about 8 years ago at various networking events and she was somebody I was instantly drawn to. At the time I was running myself into the ground, with 3 businesses and various other projects I felt I needed to be involved in, but at the same time feeling like I wasn’t achieving anything. At the time I had no idea of what working with Michelle was going to be like or what I was actually after, all I knew is that life needed to change!

My life unraveled but in a good way. Things that weren’t serving me seemed to disappear, I become more focused on what I wanted to achieve and only started doing things that made my heart sing. What surprised me the most was the fact that what I thought I wanted, turned out to be something else entirely.

Over the years I still “tap” into Michelle, when I feel like I am drifting away or I feel life is becoming too hard, and she realigns me. I become reconnected and ready to achieve whatever my heart desires. Now my dreams/ plans are just getting bigger and bigger.

What excites me now is Michelle running her various African Safari. I love traveling and doing things outside of the ordinary, and I can say the safaris are certainly not ordinary. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in the African culture, but you also have the opportunity to work 24/7 with Michelle. Since doing one of her safaris, I am now a more relaxed person, doing only things that make my soul sing and earning more money than I have ever earned!

 Tina Clark Director Auscorp Finance

Michelle and I have worked together over the past 18 months by phone and in person on safari in Kenya.

I was impressed with Michelle’s ability to quickly adapt her coaching to my analytical and corporate thinking style.

Our catch-ups benefited me in numerous ways but the most lasting life change came from reconnecting with how I was feeling.

My Kenyan safari experience with Michelle was fantastic and an adventure in itself. Every day, I’m now guided by how I feel, finding more joy in life and prioritizing things that bring happiness.

Importantly, I’m enjoying my work more, achieving other life goals, and can draw upon Michelle’s techniques for dealing with stress, uncertainty, and change whenever I need. I highly recommend Michelle and her one-on-one approach does get results.

 Andrew General Manager, Environmental Engineer

What a Life Changing experience working with Michelle.

To experience the African wilderness, I was very sure about not losing my connection with the outside world. Instead it was simply the best thing that could happen. It was only when I lost my connection to what I thought and felt were important and moved into the White Space, did I discover a deeper connection to my inner self. The Safari, experience with the magic of the animals, culture, people, and places was amazing. However, it was the side show to what I experienced connecting into myself to realise who I was and realise what was really important.

Thank you Michelle, for providing the fun, space, and awareness to become the better version of me.

 Gavin Howard Marketing Director

I’m writing this testimonial about Soulpreneur, a one-year self-realisation program run by Michelle Richmond, who I call the “Game Changer Extraordinaire”.

If you feel you keep repeating the same experiences in Business, Relationships, and Life in general and you are getting bored of that, Michelle and Soulpreneur are your answer.

If you find yourself in Relationships, Business, or Life in general and you are not happy, Michelle and Soulpreneur are your answer.

If you find you have been searching your whole Life, but you haven’t found what you are looking for – again Michelle and Soulpreneur are your answer.

Don’t get me wrong, Michelle and the Soulpreneur program did not just give me the answer I was looking for. What would be the sense of that?

This is not a quick fix-it, no work involved type of course. It’s not a “Lifeline” one can call when things don’t go our way. This course is much more than that! This course enabled me to remember all that I already knew, to be all that I already am but had forgotten.

This course is based on the premise that deep down, all of us have the wisdom we require to deal with any situation in Business, Relationships, and Life.

This course brought me in touch with my innate knowing and it helps me to courageously follow my “Gut Instinct”. Since completion of the Soulpreneur program, I am in the flow. I create consciously the reality I want to experience. I shifted from a paradigm of occasional struggle, pain, and hardship to one of freedom, joy, and happiness.

Sounds like a “new age” mumble jumble to you and something any “hippie” should enroll into but not you? Think again! Take it from a Group General Manager of a midsize company who is sailing through Business and Life right now.

 Andreas Lippa

Jo, Company Founder and Director

What a difference some love, insightful guidance, a caring nurturing person and 24 hours can make. I certainly feel free’er. I cannot say how much I love and appreciate you Michelle, and what you helped me let go of. I am a work in progress from a much more integrated foundation. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are a true gift in this crazy world.

Bernadine, Coach

Michelle is in a different stratosphere to all other coaching experiences. Her focus on going for the highest within yourself and in relationship to others has created the most transformation that I’ve ever experienced. It’s the first time I’ve had real and lasting change and real manifestation of the outcomes I choose for my life. Her style is loving, truthful and expansive and the SOULpreneurs group is loving and supportive. Michelle sets up an enquiry which creates a more expansive way of being. This expansion has created a higher vibration and much higher outcomes than I’ve ever experienced before in my life. I’m very grateful to have found her and as the journey continues what I’ve already gained is priceless.’

Major, Australian Army

“It’s remembrance day and I can’t help but remember you. Thank you for saving my soul, I am forever grateful.”

Doug, Father

“On behalf of our family and Asher in particular, I say thank you and pray that the windows of heaven be opened upon you in such ways as have never entered your thoughts or dreams.”

Jodie, Personal Assistant

“I am writing to thank you for being instrumental in facilitating my swift and relatively painless recovery. I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and after surgery chose to come home for treatment. Fresh from the hospital, my head still awash with an overload of fear-fed information about my so-called ‘options’ for treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, ovarian ablation by Tamoxifen or removal of ovaries – at age 35), you opened the door to a world of remarkable people whom restored my confidence and faith not only in the strength of my own body and its ability to heal, but also in medical practitioners, albeit of a different kind. These truly inspiring individuals, to whom you directed me, each taught so much about the human condition within the realms of their individual specialism. Among them, Doctors who were leading authorities in hormonal health, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopaths, Kinesiologists, Osteopaths, Spiritual Healers and many an informed lay-person.”

Sandra, Executive Assitant

“I consider this course to be essential for any human who is grappling with living healthily (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) in today’s world. The course covers information that we all need in a basic and practical way; and can be easily implemented. The presenter is extremely knowledgeable and inspiring.”

Ambrosia, Personal Assistant

“Thank you, Michelle! You were brilliant, easy to follow, inspirational and presented high-quality content.”

Natalie, Mum

“This course is life-affirming and an absolute joy because you get to experience yourself on cloud nine for a moment, knowing that more of this is possible because there are techniques to show you how.”

Nola, Company Director

“Each week is like a stepping stone into another part of discovering your potential.”

Leslie, Principal

“I would like to thank you for your totally uplifting and inspiring workshop. There has been much buzz, energy and discussion about the content covered – and yes, I am delighted to report that actions have been taken by various staff. Your presentation style was easy to listen to, and allowed reflection and thinking on behalf of participants. Many thanks for your inspirational, thought-provoking and illuminating day.”

Roger, Director

“I cannot praise your talk more than I did in my vote of thanks. You have the delivery of a states (wo)man – you don’t shadow box like so many speakers do, and you speak slowly so every word can be heard. Your subject matter was a beautiful coverage of your topic, and your story is a wonderful one of success that we would love to hear repeated thousands of times.”

Suzy, Company Director

“I don’t know where or how to begin to express my gratitude to you. I can’t say anything that everyone else has not said, because what everyone has written on your site is exactly what I want to say to you. Whatever happened during our session seemed to shift something that I cannot quite put my finger on but from being in such a dark space with no light, I now notice how bright the colours are that surround me, how light the air feels and somehow, I feel I am standing taller. Whatever energy brought you into my life I am so grateful and feel really blessed to have met you. I am in awe of your spirit, your aura and your healing. Thank you for you and thank you for being a part of my transitional healing journey. I am so lucky.

Fiona, Sales Training and Consulting

“Michelle has been my training partner at Stepping Out Housing Program for most of 2011 and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who is interested in a program that Unleashes Your Spirit Within! Michelle takes a holistic approach to healing and through her innate ability to connect with people at a heart level, she allows them to feel safe, to trust, to share at the deepest level and to begin to love their uniqueness and their own journey for what, UNTIL NOW, has been their experience does not define their future. Measuring the emotional growth of the ladies in the Stepping Out Program in just 10 weeks is simply astounding. She has empowered them all bar none to find worth in their own hearts and they report they now believe in the possibility of a bright future. She has unravelled them just enough to feel comfortable bringing who they really are to the surface and rejoicing in that progress. She is an authentic and empathetic guide to what is possible – these ladies know how lucky they are to have her!”

Yvonne, SLAM Network

“Michelle Richmond inspired us with her personal journey and gave us practical ways to align our heart, head, and soul for a greater purpose and living life, not as a contracted existence but as an expansive love story.”

Patricia, Director

“I feel this course goes beyond Business Presence and addresses life as a whole, addressing the core foundation of how to be a more successful individual, both in business and life.”

Lisa, Mother

“Michelle and I worked together for several months earlier this year to help me recover from a prolonged bout of asthma, and the exhaustion that follows. I found Michelle to be like an angel to work with. She is gentle, but firm and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of healing the mind, body, and spirit.”

Rebecca, Sales Consultant

“I had no way to thank Michelle who had just connected me with the spirit of my father, who held a message that I needed to hear. So I thought I would pay it forward instead and share here a few words that would help people whose souls are aching to find Michelle and heal with her help. With earthly understanding, I experienced her delivering a guided meditation combined with essential oils and background music, but then I saw a video running in my head that enabled a conversation, at spirit level, with whoever was in the video. The whole time I was processing this experience, Michelle was there, I could feel her; she supported me to feel and release and not block what was happening. Her presence brought such a safe and trusting vibration to the room that it allowed my ego to melt away and my soul to be heard.”

Peter, Sales and Marketing

“Michelle Richmond has been working with my 14-year-old son, who has been struggling to integrate into his new school. In just a short space of time, she has managed to win his trust and admiration and has had a profound and positive impact on his life. Michelle quickly got to the heart of the issues and, with great gentleness and wisdom, brought them to the surface and helped him understand in a way that he had never seen things before. I know that whatever happens with respect to his school and the issues he is facing, that he is now seeing himself and the world in a more enlightened way, and that is something that he will never lose. As a father of four children, I have experienced the many challenges that all parents face in raising their children and I have a deep appreciation for how difficult it can be to engage and guide young hearts and minds through the minefield of adolescence. That’s why I am eternally grateful to Michelle for all she has done for my son and for me.”

Tanja, Sales Assistant

“At the time I decided to see Michelle, I was really tired of my shoulder and back pain, which six months of Western Medicine didn’t heal… After two appointments with Michelle, my pain is in the past, but that was only the beginning. Using the unbelievably simple techniques she taught me, I gained a quiet feeling of peace, my creativity improved and I live life more assertively. My whole well-being has improved. Michelle’s work seems like well-applied magic, as even my self-esteem has improved! I am more present and living in the NOW moment, I love it so very much. I don’t know how she works, healed, and helped me, but the results are amazing. Thank you Michelle.”

Julia, Company Director

“I remember coming to you years ago an emotional wreck, struggling with intense personal grief. You have not only lifted, guided, and grounded me, but you have done this for my friends and family also. I thank you for your wisdom, understanding, and, most importantly, your darn down-to-earth and realistic nature that helps me connect to you even on days when I feel no one else will understand! Over the past few years, you have transformed my mind, body, and energy, unlike anything I have ever experienced. You and your team get to the root cause of issues and solve them on every level, thus creating the necessary shifts to create change and choices. I am forever indebted to you and thoroughly enjoy our regular fine-tuning sessions!”

Tee Jay, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing

“It was a truly moving experience that enabled me to slow my busy mind and ground myself back in my body – it’s just incredible. Trust her, trust yourself and anything is possible.”

Cath, Media Marketing

“Thank you, Michelle, for clearing my energy and reacquainting myself to me. I leave our sessions with a new perspective and understanding of how I feel and think. Your magical skills have allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible and I would recommend this learning experience to anyone who understands the importance of living at one with your body and mind.”