Your INTENTION fuels focus, alignment, innovation and creativity.


Your INTUITION gives rise to the possibility that lives beyond your current reality.


Your HEART creates the coherence through which energy turns into matter.


I am humbled to say I have been revered in my career by many a client and I owe my success to three very simple things: an ability to listen beyond the words that are spoken, ask intelligent questions and see aspects of people and business they didn’t even know existed.

For years, people have scrambled to label what I do — I’m described as a “Business Coach”, a “Health and Lifestyle Coach”, a “Game Changer”, a “Maverick”, an “Inexorable Leader”, the one that makes me laugh, a “Spiritual Master” and the one I love most — “The Jedi of Coaches”.

And on some level, all of the above are true. Understanding the ecosystem that is our humanity and the multi-facets of what it takes to create sustainable paradigm shifts is complex and requires a capacity to think and see outside of the square and to consider the intricacies of a system as a whole.


My passion is to leverage intelligent people and businesses, to reach beyond their perceived current capacity and reveal their latent talent and expertise to make a positive impact on the world, so they and others can thrive.

Utilising a unique fusion of 20 years’ clinical experience, with a background in Mind Body Medicine, I am focused on achieving sustainable and measurable results.

Most of my clients reach out because they want something more, they want to create change, they want to live their life to the fullest. Yet they feel that they don’t know how, they doubt their own resources, are not sure how to access them or are trapped on the treadmill of their life.

It was once said that “Michelle does not shadow box, like so many people do” and that is the truth. I have a laser-like focus to get things done, to challenge the status quo, cut through the dross and speak the truth.


Together, we bring out the best of you and ensure that you are the best expression of yourself.

I have the privilege of living between Australia and Kenya, working with an international clientele of individuals and businesses who are ready to lead from the front and be the Game Changers of our world.

I’m guessing you are here because, on some level, this is what you may also be seeking.

So, take the next step, touch base, and we can explore what is right about working with me, for you.

Thanks for dropping by, I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.


Testimonial | Daniel Batten | ClimateTech Investor

Daniel Bardallo | Entrepreneur

"If it wasn’t for finding Michelle and her beautiful approach to self exploration I would not be the person I am today and I probably would not have survived . Her beautiful manner of coaching and adapting to the person in front of her meant I was finally able to take on board smart ideas to arm myself with the tools to succeed in life and create a life I wanted to live AND live in."

Bernadine | Coach

"Michelle is in a different stratosphere to all other coaching experiences. Her focus on going for the highest within yourself and in relationship to others has created the most transformation that I’ve ever experienced. It’s the first time I’ve had real and lasting change and real manifestation of the outcomes I choose for my life."

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