Camel Trek Safari Musings

The Northern Frontier

Eyes moist we fly over the mighty Milgis Lugga, awake once more from long, long drought-ridden years.

The aerial view means so much more now we have traversed this nomadic land on foot.

Its harshness moistened by the only rains in 3 years, the earth drinking every molecule of water into its depths, mountains awash with waterfalls, lugga’s rumble back to life with the heavy rains.

Thirsty beyond measure, as the bones of those who have not made it become one with the earth. Wildlife, livestock, and humans perished without water and rain in a land far away from the toils of human doing.

Nurtured by humans being, uncomplaining, present, accepting, grateful, humility abounds as life and death, death and life are all around. The acceptance and generosity gifts new seeing, a new level of being.

This land once traveled leaves you never the same again.

This land is god in its purest form.

This land shows us the purity of nature.

The trees that cool the earth, the elephants and wildlife coming home after the destruction of guns and poachers, the hyena heckles in the darkness, the echo of the baboon squabbling in the distance, the birds calling, the song of the Samburu sees my lips turn upwards into a smile.

This land that purges through my heart and leaves it changed, currently unknowing as feelings a new rumble like the lugga finding their place.

Tears roll as these humble people will never know they have left me forever changed.

Changed how?

I am yet to know.

The power of the mountains I can feel in my bones. My body quakes inwardly as I silently weep in the co-pilot seat of our little canary yellow plane.

Curious as I hold this consciousness near and dear as my new normal.

Whatever that shall mean.

I am yet to know, as I'm humbled once more by the awe and wonder of this sacred land.

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