Live in the eternity of now, it is magic, it is divine.

Imagine the thrill of falling asleep under the vast bowl of a silent universe, as you gaze up at a billion stars shining as bright as diamonds.

Hear the crack of a twig under an elephant’s foot; or feel the distant roar of a lion — these are the elements that make this Safari unforgettable.

Each day you’ll wake to a new dawn, in awe and wonder of who you are, having cocooned your body in the arms of the earth, the heart of Africa as you are transported on a journey to your SOUL.


Rising dramatically to nearly 9,000 feet, these mountains are capped in cool highland forest and drained by crystal-clear streams that end up in huge luggas.

This is an exclusive invitation to trek through the remote desert of the Northern Frontier for 10 days, traversing the wilderness of your heart to accelerate the new and most important ROI, your Ripple of Impact.

You will witness the power of one woman with passion and purpose to create and influence change in the community, culture, environmental impact, and the return of the elephant after 40 years, to a land raped by poachers. 

It's Your Time

Your adventure begins the moment you say 'Yes'


Expand Beyond

You are invited to play an elevated game, to live unlimited in a field of infinite potentiality, seeing you change as a function of experiencing what's possible.

This a time like no other, where we are being called upon to expand beyond the linear paradigms we have been living in, to shed our limitations, and be leaders in consciousness.

Gift yourself this rare opportunity to open gateways to different dimensions of who you are.

Incite New Seeing

Each day, we will trek through mountainous terrain, vast desert lands, and sandy luggas; each individually inviting you to discover aspects of yourself you didn’t even know existed.

This immersive experience will invite you to explore new ‘seeing’ that will inspire fresh vision and new creations, while also allowing you to see yourself in new ways, often for the very first time. Come and thrive with us and our support team in this joy of creation, the heart of mother earth, the god of the Samburu Warriors.

Fill Your Senses

Fill your senses, your heart, and your soul, leaving your cares and your worries behind you as each step is taken in the eternality of now.

This journey will break you open in the fiercely beautiful and still unspoiled country of Samburu and the nomadic Rendille people.

Proud, happy, and friendly, the Rendille defy the modern world to go about their traditional business and cherish the customs and colorful ceremonies of their ancestors to this day.

Stretch Yourself & Breakthrough

During this very unique retreat; under the guidance of experienced Camel Safari Leaders, accelerate your expansion and creative edge, as we travel on a journey diving deep into yourself, exploring creative acceleration through the mountains that connect heaven and earth on the raw, untethered soil that Africa breathes from.


I promise that your journey will be as exceptional as the destination, as we fly to the scenic Matthews and Ndoto Mountain Ranges of northern Kenya.

This is the creme de la creme of my Safari's, it's my third time sharing this untouched landscape with the elite few who dare to go beyond, it truly is immaculate. We finish our journey with a 4-day strategy session to ground your new seeing and design your next evolution at the beautiful Tarangau Retreat. The depth of new seeing available to you here simply cannot be replicated in your life at home, this rare untouched land has to be experienced. 


KIM TOWNSEND  | Stress & You Australia

"I always love the mystery of not knowing the itinerary, and knew this Kenyan safari with Michelle would be equally as transformational and amazing, but different from the previous safaris.

As usual, from the moment I landed in Nairobi the new experiences of abundance, awe and wonder blew my mind. Staying in lavish surroundings with a mix of traditional African artifacts and relics of colonisation blended with modern art and stories like I have only seen in movies.

And the subtle transformation starts.

Then for off-the-grid contrast, out to the virtually untouched Northern Frontier District for 10 nights of earthy, deep immersion in nature and myself.

Walking over quartz crystal, among frankincense and Mehr trees, with camels and beautiful, singing Samburu tribesmen whose innate reading of the land pointed out that the wildlife was not far away.

Every moment of every day was mesmerising to me. I actually have trouble finding words to describe the experience. However, the sense of calm and wholeness that comes over me while tuning in to my timelessness there, is blissful.

Finishing off on the coast to reset and brainstorm, preparing for taking our new selves back to our usual environment, completed a full circle of growth.

What always amazes me is how Michelle holds a strong presence with ease and grace, no matter what is in the space.

No BS, no fluff.

Heart-centered, intuitive nudges, sometimes raw and confronting, for me to look and connect deeper into my being, always timely and meaningful.

Always feeling totally supported to be my raw, messy, authentic self to wade through the mud, untangle the tangled, and shed the old skin. And also, to be fully nurtured.

I could easily live on safari, Michelle style!"