The CHANGE Guided Meditation, Breathwork Series is a powerful collection of 8- week immersive Online Coaching Courses with Michelle Richmond. Each course in the series has a unique focus and outcome, the benefits of which are magnified by the healing harmonies of Kenyan singer, songwriter, and musician Ricky Melody, and underscored with Ancient Sound.

This transformational collective is designed to free you from the past and its burdens, and align your focus and intention for a new future. Supporting you with the life skills to bring about lasting transformation so you can be the biggest, most brilliant expression of you.

"MEDITATION is where you meet yourself, BREATH is where you surrender the old and invoke the new" Michelle Richmond

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Generosity fuels generosity, creating infinite ripples of impact that see you live a life beyond the one you designed for yourself!

Course 2 - coming soon

Discover a you beyond the you, you have always known. Everything you are seeking is inside of you, you are the sacred medicine.

Course 3 - coming soon

Learn the secret source that changes everything, self-love, transforms your relationship with yourself, others and the world. 


A little gift from me to you. Mini meditations to support you to stop and take a breath, to recentre, recalibrate and renew. 

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Intention is a power within and of itself. The intensive supports you to get clear on your intentions for the whole of life, and learn skills and techniques to harness your mind, emotions and focus. Supporting you to be the biggest most brilliant expression of you. Paving the way, so you can fly higher and experience your breakthrough year.

Designed to inspire you to be direct, take deliberate action, refine your focus while supporting you to move out of overwhelm. You’ll effectively close the gap between thinking and doing. Instead, you’ll step up and into accelerated creativity. Your true path and latent brilliance will be revealed, and you’ll have the support and know-how to make it all happen, in record time.

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8 Week 1:1 Coaching

Our collaboration sees you embrace the laws of intention and intuition, as the foundations that pave your path to a breakthrough year.