The CHANGE Guided Meditation, Breathwork Series is a powerful collection of 8- week immersive Online Group Coaching Courses with Michelle Richmond.

Harnessing her unique fusion of 20 years of applied knowledge and experience, each course employs the laws of metaphysics, intentionality, intuition, coherence and love. This has seen those she works with create extraordinary change and live a life beyond.

Courses in the Guided Meditation and Breathwork Series have a unique focus and outcome, the benefits of which are magnified by the healing harmonies of Kenyan singer, songwriter, and musician Ricky Melody, and underscored with Ancient Sound.

This transformational collection is designed to free you from the past and its burdens, and align your focus and intention for a new future. Supporting you with the life skills to bring about lasting transformation so you can be the biggest, most brilliant expression of you.




  • Wake up and consciously created your day
  • Meditated 20 minutes - 5 times a week
  • Celebrated your wins and found solutions with like minds 
  • Are kept accountable to meet your targets
  • Built your intuition with daily intuitive writing 
  • Have support to stay in focus and on track
  • Dissolve your blocks, fears and excuses on a daily basis
  • Could have your burning questions answered
  • Aligned your words, thoughts, and actions everyday
  • Listen to your intuition and take action

How would your life change?


Every Monday you will receive a purposefully designed meditation journey for the week, to support you to create coherence between your intention, heart, mind, body and soul.

The purpose of which is to create the convergence of coherence and congruence, a point  Albert Einstein called the Zero Point, where a vortex is born and the energy of the vortex can make everything change in a moment.

1:1 Coaching To support you to fly higher, two x 1:1 coaching sessions with Michelle will be scheduled at your discretion over the 8-week course duration.

The Private Community Hub creates a medium to connect, communicate and play, sharing, inspiring and learning from each other.

These are Proactive Programmes; your success is fuelled by your commitment to invest in you.

It is recommended that you:

  • Listen to the meditation 5+ times a week,
  • Attend or listen to the group calls and
  • Actively participate in the simple actions of self-enquiry we add in to support you in your evolution.

COURSE 1 - sign up now

Generosity fuels generosity, creating infinite ripples of impact that see you live a life beyond the one you designed for yourself!

COURSE 2 - coming soon

Discover a you beyond the you, you have always known. Everything you are seeking is inside of you, you are the sacred medicine.

COURSE 3 - coming soon

Learn the secret source that changes everything, self-love, transforms your relationship with yourself, others and the world. 

Your Journey Begins the Moment You Say, 'YES'


US $799

Once Off


Payment Plan

US $200

Four Bi-weekly Payments



Each 8 Week Course in the series gifts you with effective tools and practical strategies that support you to experience wealth in all ways, and:

  • take responsibility for your day-to-day decisions
  • harmoniously handle daily situations
  • access higher levels of intuition and make new decisions
  • take meaningful and appropriate action
  • elevate your level of consciousness and
  • establish a new and healthier physiological and psychological sense of wellness.

The bigger you play, the higher you fly.

CHARBEL ZEAITER | CEO & Founder at Dino X Dino

"I highly recommend Michelle's breathwork coaching and spiritual breath practices. Michelle is deeply gifted at creating profoundly transformative experiences through breathwork, allowing me to journey deeper within myself than I ever thought possible in a single session.

The connection, insight, and grounded presence Michelle provides is rare and invaluable. My experience with her continues to unfold and inspire, giving me access to new realms of expression and knowing even a week after our initial session.

Michelle's breathwork felt like a fundamental shift, transporting me to a place of spiritual revelry and introspection. If you're seeking to transform your consciousness and connect more deeply with yourself, Michelle's coaching is without doubt a powerful path to take.

Michelle's work is, quite simply, life-changing. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to experience her potent brand of spiritual breathwork."