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Every 2 weeks

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An intensive 1:1 Immersion Session that's designed to create a transformative shift in perception that supports you to achieve greater clarity, direction and success.

LIVE GENEROUSLY. Meditation and Breathwork Series

The art of living generously.


Generosity in and of itself does not mean giving money, time or yourself away. Generosity is simply an energy, and when that energy fuels your thoughts, words and actions and ultimately your destiny, it creates breath taking ripples of impact that are often magical, and leave you in awe and wonder of just how you do it.  

 Imagine how your life will change when you: 

  • Improve your self-esteem and self-care. 
  • Minimise your stress and lead a more harmonious life. 
  • Lean into that which challenges you. 
  • Have the courage to do what you love. 
  • Surrender that which diverts you from your destination. 
  • Attain higher levels of intuition. 
  • Ignite of innovation and creativity. 
  • Live in the slip stream of effortless creation. 
  • Discover potential beyond the potential you've always known. 
  • Experience the joy of the breath-taking ripples of the impact. 

When you are generous to yourself, you are taking steps to fuel your own happiness and well-being, which leads to a more positive and joyful outlook, enhances your relationship with yourself, others, business and life. 

Join us on this 8 Week Online Meditation, Breathwork and Coaching Course, and experience infinite ripples of impact from the gift that keeps on giving. 


What People Are Saying:

I highly recommend Michelle's breathwork coaching and spiritual breath practices. Michelle is deeply gifted at creating profoundly transformative experiences through breathwork. In our recent session together, I felt as though I had accessed a whole new spiritual dimension that opened me up in ways I rarely experience in my daily life or in regular meditation practice. Michelle held intense, focused space for me for nearly two hours, allowing me to journey deeper within myself than I ever thought possible in a single session. The connection, insight, and grounded presence Michelle provides is rare and invaluable. My experience with her continues to unfold and inspire, giving me access to new realms of expression and knowing even a week after our initial session. Michelle's breathwork felt like a fundamental shift, transporting me to a place of spiritual revelry and introspection. If you're seeking to transform your consciousness and connect more deeply with yourself, Michelle's coaching is without doubt a powerful path to take. I highly recommend embarking on this journey with her. Michelle's work is, quite simply, life-changing. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to experience her potent brand of spiritual breathwork.