$375.00 USD


1:1 Coaching Intensive Session

THE SHIFT is an intensive 1:1 immersion session that focuses on your current needs and goals. Designed to create a transformative shift in perception that supports you to achieve greater clarity, direction and success.

  • Engage in a check-in process that enables you to reset and realign your focus whenever you feel off track or in need of a boost
  • Attain crystal-clear clarity and direction when uncertainty clouds your path and hampers your progress
  • Identify any blind spots or barriers that may be impeding your personal or professional growth
  • Overcome specific relationship challenges, whether they be personal or work-related
  • Illuminate the aspects you may be overlooking, broadening your perspective and understanding
  • Embrace the courage necessary to make the decisions that will ultimately serve you best.

Together, we dive deep to create THE SHIFT in perception that changes everything, whilst aligning your mind and emotions to your new world view. Leaving you with not only the guidance for your next steps, but also equipped with invaluable tools and techniques empowering you to intentionally create a new reality.